America Is Number 1. Why Try Harder?

The story of America’s death spiral, through the numbers

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American Exceptionalism is alive and well. Except … America is dying.

The United States of America ranks #1 in many categories that expose its fault lines.

No one is above the United States America. Here are the facts.

Most Money (2020): $20.49 trillion Gross Domestic Product, more than 1/5 of the world’s wealth.

  • World total GDP is $91.98 trillion. China is second with 13.4 trillion.

Most research and development money spent (2016): $511.1 billion or $1586.35 per capita

  • Next closest is European Union at $379.00 billion or $658.94 per capita, and China at $275 billion, or $197.41 per capita.

Most Nobel prizes (since 1901): 336

Most humans who have walked on the moon: 12.

  • No other country as of 2020 has had humans walk on the moon.

Most Billionaires (2020): 630

  • These individuals are worth a combined $3.4 trillion. The 400 richest Americans have as much wealth as the poorest 64% of American households.

Most Charitable Giving (2016): 1.44% of GDP for individuals

Where is this money going?

Most food waste: 209 lbs per person

Why are Americans hungry?

Most healthcare spending: $10,000 per capita per year.

Most meat consumption: > 100 kg per person per year

Most sugar consumption (2016): 126.4 grams per person

Highest obesity rate in OECD countries (Organisation for Economic Cooperation an Development: 36.2%

Highest rate of maternal mortality in industrialized world (2018): 17.4 deaths per 100,000 births.

Racial breakdown of maternal mortality rate, per 100,000 live births:

  • Black: 37.1
  • non-Hispanic White: 14.7
  • Hispanic: 11.8

If you are an American woman, and even more so for black American women, you are more likely to die from pregnancy or giving birth than anywhere else in the industrialized world.

How is your country helping you?

Most military spending: $732 billion (38% of global military spending).

  • (2nd and 3rd — China, $261 billion, and India $71.1 billion. The United States spends more on military than China, Russia, Japan, India and rest of NATO combined.)

Most aircraft carriers: 12 (next most 2)

Most submarines: 71 (next most 33)

Most combat fighter jets: 3,318 (next most 1,900)

Who is the United States afraid of?

Why are Americans hungry?

What if we took half of that military spending ($366 billion) and fed and cared for Americans and others? We would still be outspending our “enemies” in military expenditures by more than $100 billion.

Most nuclear bombs: whew, the United States is 2nd: 6,185.

  • Russia has more: 6,500 (13,865 total in world)

So do we count Russian nukes as ours, or do they count ours as theirs? Who do we ask — Trump or Putin?

Most firearms: 393,347,000 (that’s 120.5 firearms per 100 people.)

Do I have your attention yet?

Most total crimes (2002): 11.88 million

Most incarcerated people: 2.2 million people

  • White (non-Hispanic) 64% of US population ;39% of jailed population; 450 per 100,000
  • Hispanic 16% of US population; 19& of jailed population; 831 per 100,000
  • Black 13% of US population; 40% of jailed population; 2,306 per 100,000

The American penal system — systemically racist. Look at the numbers.

Most TV watched per day: 270 minutes (4 1/2 hours) per person

Most pornography made: 89% of all world pornography

Most pornography consumed: 40% of world views

Most student loan debt (2019): $32,731 per borrower

Largest national debt: 2.5412714×10¹³ ($77,000 per person)

Do I have your attention yet?

United States unemployment (Jan 2020): 3.6%
United States unemployment (April 2020): 14.7%
Highest unemployment during great recession, January 2010: 10.6%

  • United States unemployment rose (grew, bloomed, skyrocketed, exploded) from 6.2 million in February 2020 to 20.5 million in May 2020.

The United States lost more than 14 million jobs in 3 months.

From December 2007 to June 2009, during the great recession, the United States lost 8.8 million jobs . . . in 1 1/2 years.

As of July 5, 2020:

Worldwide COVID-19 cases: 11.4 million and rising
US COVID-19 cases: 2.93 million confirmed and rising

Worldwide COVID-19 deaths: 534,000 and rising
US COVID-19 deaths:
132,000 and rising

Cost to renounce United States citizenship has been raised in the past couple of years to prevent people fleeing the country “from $450 to $2,350, more than 20 times the average cost in other high-income countries.”

Because of the inept response to the coronavirus pandemic and rising case and death numbers, the European Union announced that they would close their borders to Americans starting July 1.

Are you truly free?

Where would you go?

Can you afford to leave?

Can you afford not to?

Voting is free.

Writer, Editor. Vegan, Sailor, Non-conformist. Former college writing teacher. **I Write. Mostly Words. Every Day.**

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